Scientific Publications

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Severe accelerated degradation of PEMFC platinum catalyst: A thin film IL-SEM study - On, May 2013

Methanol Steam Reformer - High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell System Analysis - Poster.pdf - Presented in poster session at the Fundamentals & Development of Fuel Cells scientific conference in Karlsruhe, Germany, April 2013

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New Pt-skin electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation reactions - On, Sept. 2012

Si based methanol catalytic micro combustor for integrated steam reformer applications - On, June 2012

Mebius - Miltary Green 2012 - Methanol Steam Reformer - HT PEMFC system analysis.pdf Source: Military Green 2012, 19-20 June 2012, Brussels, Belgium. - FULLY PUBLISHED PDF.

Correlation between national development indicators and the implementation of a hydrogen economy in Slovenia - On, April 2012